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Our attorneys are proud to represent clients who were injured in an accident or at the hands of an abusive or neglectful party. We are particularly proud to represent injured children. We also take wrongful death claims and workers’ compensation cases. If you are looking for justice after an injury, give our office a call.


Large commercial trucks travel on every highway and many back roads throughout South Carolina. The drivers of these heavy vehicles are held to a higher standard of care than drivers of passenger cars due to the damage trucks can cause when they crash. Truck drivers must adhere to strict federal regulations as well as state laws regarding the number of hours they can drive without a break, the amount of cargo they can carry, the mechanical condition of the vehicle, and much more. When an accident happens because a trucker or his employer failed to adhere to these rules, an injured victim should be compensated for his suffering.

It should come as no surprise that trucking companies will fight against claims for compensation, often with a team of litigators. If you are injured or a loved one is killed in a commercial truck crash in South Carolina, trust the experienced truck accident attorneys at Hite & Stone to fight for the damages you deserve for your suffering. Schedule a free consultation in our Abbeville office today to discuss how we may be able to help you.

Medical Malpractice and Medical Neglect along with medical mistakes have become an increasing problem in recent years as a stream-lined and profit-based medical industry has jeopardized medical care. Thankfully, the law exists to protect the patients against such mistreatment. At Hite & Stone, Medical Malpractice is one of our focuses, and our personal injury lawyers are available for free consultations if you suspect you or your loved one has not been properly cared for in a medical situation.

Medical malpractice which can also be called medical negligence occurs when someone in the medical field falls short of the standard of care in the treatment of a patient. This generally happens because the medical professional acts or fails to act, in a manner that results in an injury or death to the patient.


The thought of suing another person may be the last thing on your mind, but when you are seriously injured in a car accident and face mounting medical bills, pursuing compensation from the at-fault party may involve a lawsuit. When you work with the car accident attorneys at Hite & Stone, you can be sure that we will do whatever it takes to get you the money you deserve from the driver who caused your accident. Very often, we can accomplish this by negotiating with the driver’s insurance company, but if we need to go to court to get a fair settlement, we will.

If you are recovering from a South Carolina car accident, call our attorneys to schedule a free consultation. You don’t pay us unless we win your case, so you have nothing to lose. Don’t let an insurance company take advantage of you. Fight fire with fire by hiring the experienced car accident attorneys at Hite & Stone.

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation should be a simple process. When you are injured on the job, you must report the injury to your employer and, if medical care and time off work are required for recovery, you may file for workers’ comp benefits to compensate you. However, workers’ comp insurers are always out to protect their profits. They may deny your claim for insignificant or erroneous reasons. When this happens, you may need the help of a workers’ compensation attorney to get the benefits to which you are entitled.

At Hite & Stone, we have been helping South Carolina workers with claims for compensation for over 30 years. We know how to build a strong claim and how to protect workers who have been denied. If you are struggling to get the benefits you deserve from your employer, schedule a free consultation with our workers’ compensation attorneys in Abbeville. We are here to protect your rights.

Holding Hands

At Hite & Stone, we are fiercely dedicated to protecting the rights of abused or neglected children throughout South Carolina. The proudest moment in our history was a case in which we not only recovered financially for the children we represented, but also closed the facility where they were being abused. Children have been raped, beaten, neglected, abused, and even killed while in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Social Services. We want all children in South Carolina to be safe and properly cared for.

We are committed to stopping child abuse in its tracks and holding those responsible accountable for their actions. We are all too aware of how these incidents can be swept under the rug, and we will not stand for this. If you need help with an incident involving child abuse or neglect, and cannot get anyone to support you, reach out to us as soon as possible. We fight tirelessly to bring to justice the people responsible for the abuse. We also fight on behalf of children who have been injured in car crashes, pedestrian accidents, and other incidents caused by negligence.

No amount of money can make the loss of a loved one in a tragic accident easier, and that is not the intention of a wrongful death suit. Instead, this legal action is meant to hold the liable party responsible for his or her actions, to help with the financial burden caused by the loss of a provider, and to lay the groundwork for survivors to begin to move forward with their lives. At Hite & Stone, we are proud to represent those who have suffered a loss due to wrongful death.

As you take care of the necessary tasks following a sudden death and support other family members at this difficult time, allow us to handle the legal details of a wrongful death lawsuit. Call us for a free consultation and, if we believe you have a wrongful death case, we will pursue the claim on your behalf. You can trust our attorneys to act with discretion and compassion as we fight for the justice you deserve.


Nursing home negligence and abuse has become an increasing problem in recent years as a higher percentage of our population enter assisted living facilities. Thankfully, the law exists to protect the elderly against such mistreatment. At Hite & Stone, nursing home negligence is one of our focuses, and our personal injury lawyers are available for free consultations if you suspect your loved one is not being cared for adequately in his or her nursing home.

Whether the abuse is intentional or not, elderly victims are often unwilling or unable to expose it. Fear, embarrassment, and confusion can all work to aid the abuser. That’s why it is so important to find an advocate for those who cannot protect themselves. For more than three decades now, we have been driven by our desire to help people who have been wronged by others. In that time, we have an exceptional track record of success. If you don’t know where to turn for help for your parent or grandparent, call us to schedule an appointment with our nursing home abuse attorneys.

Premises liability claims arise from unsafe conditions in grocery stores, movie theaters, hotels, shopping malls, and many other locations. When a visitor to one of these properties trips and falls on torn carpeting, is assaulted in a dark stairwell, is struck by a falling ladder, or is bitten by an unrestrained pet, he may have a claim against the property owner or manager. These are complicated claims to prove, but the experienced personal injury attorneys at Hite & Stone know how to approach these cases to achieve positive results.

It’s not enough to simply prove that you slipped on a wet floor in the produce section of a grocery store in order to win a premises liability claim. You will also have to prove that the store knew about the wet floor and failed to warn visitors and that you were not acting irresponsibly or carelessly when you slipped. These claims are often brought against major retailers who will fight back with aggressive legal teams. If you are suffering after an accident on another person’s property, call us for a free review of your case.


When you use a product as it is intended to be used you should never have to worry about it having a negative affect on your health and wellbeing. 


If you have recently been injured due to a product, please get in contact with our Product Liability Attorney. We will work with you to determine what and who is responsible for your injuries and how we can make sure no one else has to suffer the same. 

When a loved one passes away the last thing you want to worry about is how their worldly belongings should be split up. In some cases, a recently passed loved one may not have a will, or has a will or trust, but did not successfully fund all the assets within the trust which leaves their wishes subject to what is known as Probate. If a loved one does not have a will then state law dictates how assets will be distributed.


If a loved one does have a last will and testament then their wishes ideally will be clearly outlined in regards to what assets will be passed to which friend, family member, or other beneficiary. However, if instructions are not clear within their last will then disputes may arise. Disputes of a passed loved one’s will are no small undertaking and enlisting the help of a Probate Litigation Attorney helps individuals navigate the litigation process to secure the best results.


Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. When they are mistreated, especially by a facility that is designed to protect and support them, it is always a terrible crime. That is why we are dedicated to taking on cases in representation of individuals who have been abused or assaulted while a member of a group home or a ward of the state. 


If you believe you may know a child who is or has been abused, sexually assaulted or neglected while under the supervision of SCDSS and SCDSS has failed to properly investigate and address the situation, please do not hesitate to contact our Attorneys at Hite and Stone.

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