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Hite & Stone Represent a 6 Year Old Boy Who Has Been Sexually Abused In a Foster Care Home

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

SC 6-Year-Old Foster Child Sexually Abused At Columbia Shelter, Lawsuit Says.

In 2015, a 6 year old boy was sexually assaulted multiple times by older boys in Palmetto Place Children and Youth Services, a foster care home in Columbia, South Carolina. The child reportedly told a staff member at Palmetto Place, who then told SCDSS about the abuse. However, according to the lawsuit, nothing was done to protect the child from being sexually assaulted again.

The attorneys of Hite and Stone hope to show that the officials of SCDSS and Palmetto Place knew of the abuse and the risk of future abuse, but neither facility adequately worked to protect the child from further abuse.

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