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Car Accidents More Common During Summer?

The summer months mean more time spent outdoors for many people. Time spent in the sun on a patio, in a car traveling for an exciting vacation, or going for a ride on a prized motorcycle to enjoy the warm weather.

This increased outdoor activity, while a great thing for many people, also brings about its own dangers. The number of fatal car accidents during the summer months of 2020 in South Carolina was 364. Motorcycle fatalities also saw a spike during June - September, with 21 fatal crashes happening in August of 2020 alone.

Top Reasons Why Car Accidents Increase During Summer Months

  1. More Teen Drivers On the Roads

  2. According to research, teens spend 44% more time driving during the summer months than other months during the year. This could be attributed to school being out during summer which allows teens to have more free time. On average, 260 teens die in car crashes during the summer in the US.

  3. More Bicycles, Motorcycles on the roadways

  4. Warmer weather means more people want to be out traveling and many people love to experience the summer on their motorcycle or bicycle. These harder to see vehicles are at a higher risk of getting hit by car drivers than other cars.

  5. Vacationers Hit the Roads

  6. Since school is out during the summer many families use this opportunity to plan vacations, individuals also plan vacations just to enjoy the favorable weather conditions. This increase in drivers on South Carolina roads as people travel to the mountains or to the beach can lead to congestion, reckless driving, and unfortunately accidents. Vacationers who are unfamiliar with the roads also pose a potential threat as they can become confused or lost on their travels.

  7. Alcohol Impairment

  8. For some, warmer weather is enjoyed with more adult beverages, and unfortunately some may make the decision to drink and drive. Summer months in the upstate are spent on the lake for many, by a pool, or at social gatherings that all involve drinking, but remember if you drink, don’t drive!

Car crashes and motorcycle crashes are life changing accidents. If you have been injured by another driver, please contact our office. We have been helping our neighbors receive the compensation they need in order to recover from their injuries since 1981.

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