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Group Home & Institutional Abuse

Advocating for the Children of South Carolina is our mission.

Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. When they are mistreated, especially by a facility that is designed to protect and support them, it is always a terrible crime. That is why we are dedicated to taking on cases in representation of individuals who have been abused or assaulted while living in a group home or as a ward of the state. 


If you believe you may know a child who is or has been abused, sexually assaulted or neglected while under the supervision of SCDSS and SCDSS has failed to properly investigate and address the situation, please do not hesitate to contact our Attorneys at Hite and Stone. 


We hope to bring justice to these cases in an effort to ensure that no other child has to suffer at the negligence of a state run program.

What are Signs a Child is Being Abused? 

  • Bruises 

  • Difficulty connecting with others 

  • Avoiding a specific person/place 

  • Difficulty walking or sitting 

  • Feelings of shame or guilt 


If you work for a childcare center or foster care facility and are over the age of 18, then you are required by law to report any suspected abuse and neglect. All mandatory reporters are immune from any liability following the report of abuse as long as the report was made in good faith.


If you are a mandatory reporter who has made a good faith report but you feel as though no adequate action has been taken by SCDSS to address your concern, we are here to help. If you yourself were a victim of abuse as a child from a state run facility and would like justice for your case, we are here to help. Or if you are concerned about a loved one who you believe is being abused at a childcare facility, we are here to help.

Statute of Limitations on Child Abuse Cases

It is important that cases of child abuse or neglect are reported as soon as possible after the abuse is discovered as there are limits on the amount of time an abused child has to file a claim against the abuser. The laws are complex, but in general, a child who is abused has until he or she turns 19 to file a claim against the abuser. If the abuse was sexual, the victim may file a claim until he reaches age 27. However, there are exceptions to these limits and every case of child abuse—no matter how long ago the abuse took place—should be discussed with an attorney to determine if it’s still possible to file a civil suit. These rules apply to anyone wishing to report the abuse, including a parent, guardian, attorney for the victim, or the victim herself after her 18th birthday. Please call our child abuse attorneys if you were a victim of abuse as a child or you suspect a child in your life has been or is being abused.


91 Years of Accumulated Practice

Know a Child in Need of Help but Unsure Where to Turn?

Allow the experienced attorneys of Hite and Stone to help. We have successfully represented many children in cases of abuse against the state and it is our mission to continue helping these children until one day there is no longer a need for our services.  

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