Do I need a real estate attorney?

Real Estate Attorneys Can Help You Protect Your Purchase in South CarolinaUnlike just about every other state, South Carolina requires an attorney to perform the closing of the sale of all commercial and residential properties. Even without this law, you need an attorney when trying to sort through the complexities of real estate transactions. At Hite & Stone, Attorneys at Law, we have decades of experience protecting our clients’ interests in these real estate matters:

  • Purchase and sale of a residence
  • Property foreclosures
  • Landlord-tenant matters
  • Land use and development projects

Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney in South Carolina

Your home is probably the most valuable asset you own. Purchasing or selling your home is an important step in your life. You should retain your own attorney because the lawyer conducting the closing does not represent you and will not be looking out for your interests. This is also important in other real estate matters, such as foreclosure, evictions, and complex real estate transactions.

Here are ways an experienced real estate lawyer can help you:

  • No personal interest. Other parties, such as the title company and real estate agents, have a financial stake in the sale of residential and commercial property. When you retain an attorney, he has no personal stake in the outcome of the transaction other than protecting your rights. It is important to have someone looking out for your legal interests when you are buying or selling a home, need to evict a tenant, or are developing a commercial project.
  • Experience. An experienced real estate attorney will understand the South Carolina real estate laws that apply to your transaction and will have reviewed many real estate documents. This will enable him to spot potential problems and help you avoid complications in your real estate matter.
  • Document review. Your attorney can review your real estate documents to be certain that the legal requirements for the transfer of property are met and that your interests are protected. If there is a problem, he can have your paperwork modified. Real estate documents are complicated, and you need someone looking out for your legal rights and being sure that you are not paying more than you should. Your attorney can also explain any confusing legal terms in a way that you can understand.
  • Communication with the mortgage company. Whether you are obtaining a mortgage or facing foreclosure, an attorney can communicate with the mortgage company for you. He can coordinate obtaining your mortgage documents to review, work out payment arrangements if you are behind on your mortgage payments, and much more.

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